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"Is this all you do?"

It's a question that I am frequently asked by borrowers. I never really know their reason for asking, but I can understand their curiosity. I would be curious too.

Perhaps they are wondering how it's possible to make a living at this. When they think of a notary, they no doubt think of someone who might put a stamp on a document occasionally. Most of them don't know what a notary signing agent is, or the role we play. How did we come to know so much about the loan process? What kind of training did we receive? How did we get access to their loan documents? Do we live in their city, or did we drive in from someplace very far away? They have so many questions.

One of the hardest things to get them to understand is that we don't work for the lender, and that we may have seen their loan documents for the very first time, just a half an hour ago.

However, when they ask, "Is this all you do?", I don't tell them how much work is really involved in being a notary signing agent, and how many hours we might actually work on just their closing, both before and after.

So most of the time I simply smile and say, "Yes. This is pretty much it."


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Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience! Yup, you're right! People that we usually transact with, especially the borrowers do not have the slightest idea on how much work is involved in this notary service. I admire you for being tactful in giving a response when they ask you that question. Just a suggestion, why not explain briefly the details of our job next time? My five cents on this one and since that might help enlighten them a bit about the job we do. Keep sharing and thanks for the info! Good day! :)

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Posted by notary stamp over 13 years ago
Great come back Leon!  I get the same question all the time.
Posted by Bonnie Marie DeWolfe (Eagle Ridge Signatures Inc.) over 13 years ago

Hi Bonnie. Welcome to the group. And feel free to move your topic about the closing on horseback over here. It's a great story that I'm sure others would like to read.


Posted by Leon Austin, Colorado Springs Mobile Notary (Mobile Notary Services) over 13 years ago

Thanks Leon!  This is a great site! I've been reading/writing while waiting for docs/printing.

You have some excellent blogs. Hope you're staying busy!

Posted by Bonnie Marie DeWolfe (Eagle Ridge Signatures Inc.) over 13 years ago

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