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Making notarial certificates

I have been making notarial certificates for years.  The main reason for doing so is that I am assured that I am complying with the state notary laws.

Another reason is that it saves time if a lot of the wording is pre-printed, such as the venue, my name, and a few other items of information.

Many notaries choose to purchase notarial certificates.  But it isn't really necessary.  The main thing is that it contains the correct notarial wording, as prescribed by your state.

Also, you can make a notarial certificate in your own handwriting.  According to Peter J. Van Alstyne, JD of the Notary Law Institute, and author of Notary Public: Procedures, Laws & Common Sense:

"You can hand-write a notarial certificate. Give yourself plenty of room, write legibly."

You may need to do this if there isn't enough room on the document for a notary seal and you have run out of pre-printed certificates.

Or you may wish to use your word processor and prepare some notarial certificates in advance. You can print out as many as you want.  Here is an example of a notarial certificate that I prepared. Someone called me this morning and wants an Affidavit of True Copy:

Affidavit of True Copy


As with all notarizations, check your state's notary laws.

Good luck.


Comment balloon 5 commentsLeon Austin • April 18 2008 10:17AM


I recently made my own jurats & acknowledgments. Don't forget to put your contact information at the bottom as another way to market yourself.



Posted by LaShon James-Major, Long Beach Mobile Notary - 562.314.4319 (The Document Diva) about 12 years ago

I also make my own forms...that's a great tip LaShon...

Posted by Pamela Knight (Urban Knight Enterprises, Inc.) about 12 years ago


That is a excellent marketing tip.  I can't see it leading to much business, but it is a nicety and may get a call should a person pick up that document at a later time for review, if they need a notary.

In a pinch handwritten forms work, but they must be legally sufficient as regards to the language.

Posted by Find a Notary Public needAnotary (QEC Internet Services) about 12 years ago

LaShon - I agree, that's a great marketing tip and I'm going to start doing it.  I've seen it preprinted on some forms before, but never thought of it as a marketing tool. Thanks!

Linda - I will have to look into buying stamps too.  It would be much less risky if loose certificates were not allowed in California.  When I have to use loose certificates, I always make sure to handwrite the following info on the loose certificate:

"This certificate is attached to a ____________________________ [title of document], dated __________ [date of document], regarding or concerning _______________________ [loan # or other pertinent information regarding the transaction], consisting of ____ pages (# of pages)."

I also write out the number of pages in words and numbers, i.e. "consisting of two (2) pages so it cannot be changed.


Good post Leon!


Posted by Denise OnullDell, Mobile Notary Public/Real Estate Agent (Santa Clarita Mobile Notary) almost 12 years ago

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Posted by Elaine M McCullar about 1 year ago

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