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Using public computers for eSignings: Is it safe?

One of the questions on a questionnaire I received regarding eSignings was, 'would I be willing to do the closing at a library using one of their computers.  Sure, I would be willing. I'm willing to do just about anything to facilitate getting a loan closed.

Is it safe?But is it safe?

Nothing is safe from sophisticated computer hackers.  They can gain access to just about anything -- no matter how secure we think it is. 

So how secure is a computer at a public library -- one that is available to anyone to use?  Or a computer at an internet cafe?

using one letter of a URL to list all URLsI don't know.  And I would hesitate to use one to conduct an eSigning.  We all know that, even a novice computer user knows how to track what URLs were recently typed into a computer.  You don't have to type the full address. Just one letter will bring up a list of all the URLs that are stored in the computer's system.

That is not the only thing stored in a computer's system.  Nothing is totally erased.  Even if you re-format a hard drive, there are ways to determine what information was contained on it. 

In essence, anything you did with that computer -- URLs typed in, keystrokes made, ... anything is available to the next user of that computer.  And being in a public place, there is no telling who was waiting for you to get off the computer so that they could use it.

Is it safe - safeguarding sensitive informationI prefer to not take the chance.  If I conduct an eSigning, I prefer to use my laptop computer and equipment.  And I prefer to not do it in a public place.  I know how important it is to safeguard the sensitive information of borrowers.  So I want to do everything that I possibly can to ensure that their information remains safe.

Good luck.


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