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Your family notary

family doctorMany people have a family doctor.  They might also have a family lawyer, a family pastor, an accountant, and a few other people whom they turn to when they need those particular types of services.  They feel comfortable turning to just one person, because that person is intimate with their family medical history, their personal history, their financial situation, their legal situation, ... etc.  And it's someone whom they can trust.

So why not have a family notary?


The thought crossed my mind today after I received a call from a woman who needed notary service.  I did the closing for her and her husband a couple of weeks ago at their place of work.  They were happy that they didn't have to leave work to do their closing.  And they were pleased with how I handled their loan documents, and how I safeguarded their personal information.  I believe they felt I was someone whom they could trust.  And I have a feeling that they will call me again when they need a notary.

Although a notary public is a public servant, it's not out of the question that people can have just one notary whom they can turn to for all of their notary needs -- someone whom they can trust.  And you want a notary who has passed a background screening.

mobile notaryAnd if that notary is also a mobile notary, they know that they can depend on him or her to come to them when most businesses are closed for the day. 

They have a notary who makes 'house calls' -- in any type of weather.



Another benefit to having a family notary is that the notary won't need to see your identification each time you need something notarized.  The notary can identify you based on personal knowledge.

notaryThere are many types of documents that depend on the services of a notary: Wills, Power of Attorney, Copy Certifications, real estate documents, travel documents, employment documents, financial documents, ... and many more. 

Instead of going to a different notary each time you needed notary service, you would turn to your family notary, and have the notarization done in the privacy of your own home.


Do you have a family notary?


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