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Gunnison, Colorado needs notary signing agents

Crested ButteCrested Butte, Colorado is a mecca for telemark skiers.  I wanted to see for myself what was so special about it. So a few years ago I packed my skis and ski gear and drove to Crested Butte for a day of telemark skiing. It was what I had hoped for. The day just didn't last long enough. I hope to return someday and spend a few days instead of just one.


I got a call to do a closing that would have brought me close. It was for today, in the town of Gunnison.  I drove through Gunnison on my way to Crested Butte, so I knew immediately how long of a drive it is.


Unfortunately I already have 2 closings scheduled today (so far), one at 3:30 p.m. and the other at 7 p.m., so I can't do it. The man said he tried everywhere and couldn't find any signing agents in that area.

Gunnison isn't the only area in need of signing agents. I have been asked to do closings as far as Durango

One of the problems is that Colorado is so sparsely populated.  I know of a couple of signing agents in the western part of Colorado who would have made the trip to Gunnison. But there aren't that many. Not as many as you have in places like the Denver area, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

mountain biking in Crested ButteI'm sorry I couldn't do the closing. It's a beautiful area. There isn't any skiing in Crested Butte right now, but I could have done some mountain biking -- another thing that Crested Butte is famous for.

You can be sure that, if I drive that far, I won't be in any hurry to get back to Colorado Springs.


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Gunnison, Colorado needs notary signing agents
Crested Butte, Colorado is a mecca for telemark skiers. I wanted to see for myself what was so special about it. So a few years ago I packed my skis and ski gear and drove to Crested Butte for a day of telemark skiing. It was what I had hoped for… more
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